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In this ever-changing environment, keeping a competitive edge means being able to anticipate and respond quickly to changing business conditions. Combining proven expertise in technology, and an understanding of emerging business trends, The-Unique-Culture delivers a range of software development solutions that includes e-business solutions, computer telephony, enterprise applications, professional web site design and development, product engineering, Electronic Health Records, CMS Softwares, Payment Gateway solutions, Time and attendance tracking softwares, HRMS softwares, Appointment Reminder Solutions, Hospital management applications etc We study, design, develop, enhance, customize, implement, maintain and support various aspects of information technology.

2015 Year
Our process begins with an initial consultation session

Initial Consultation.

  • We listen to your requirements (Functional as well as technical)
  • We ask questions (loads of questions).
  • *Signing an NDA is no hassle for us ** You can skip the time consumed by initial consultation, if you have a comprehensive RFQ ready with you.

    Next we mutually settle on the final requirement

    Finalize on the Requirement & Scope.

  • We present out of the box strategies and concepts
  • Once the final requirement document is ready we place our closing quote that includes details of resources involved time frame and price.
  • We are open to discussion and negotiation in special cases ** Detailed proposal / quote is provided on demand.

    2016 Year
    2017 Year
    Let the journey begins

    Sign the Contract.

  • At the time of signing the deal, the client will need to pay the advance via credit card or wire transfer.
  • Next, we assign a project
  • We kick-start on the project, as soon as we receive the advance.
  • After the contract is signed and processed, the ultimate blue print of the project is presented.

    Final Wire-frame presentation.

  • Wire-frame contains the details of all the alterations and important milestones to be achieved during the development process.
  • Any changes, if at all, should be made at this stage. (Please make sure that alterations suggested by you are not beyond the finalized scope of project)
  • A written approval confirming the amended and final project plan is required from the client in order to avoid disputes and confusion in future.
  • *We require duration of 10 days after receiving the signed contract and advance for presenting the blue-print of the project.

    2016 Year
    2017 Year
    We get into real business now. Our escalation models make sure that all your concerns and queries are settled in a timely manner.

    Design & Development.

  • To move the project faster our efficient team works on development and design simultaneously.
  • Development work takes the pace in the meantime.
  • The work-in-progress is uploaded on a pre-designate URL for client to review the project and stay updated.
  • Subsequently, User Interfaces and Written Specification start taking shape.
  • Daily scrums are conducted by the designated Project Manager to make sure that daily tasks are being duly delivered; as well as, to finalize on the futur tasks.
  • Our preferred mode of communication is via skype or email.
  • We appreciate and encourage client monitoring. We dislike communication gap the most.


  • Regular updates and timesheets are sent to you.
  • We expect you to check on the progress of work to confirm that designed features and functionalities are up to your satisfaction.
  • *Weekly feedback from client is critical and mandatory.

    2016 Year
    2017 Year
    It is human to make mistakes. We might as well.

    Testing and Pro-rata Payments.

  • Our skilled testing team carries out the primary testing on all the features, functionalities, and codes (Asana and Mantis is used or bug tracking).
  • Next, quality testing is conducted on each module.
  • We ask questions (loads of questions).
  • Once we are through with the detailed testing of all the modules and application; it is time to GO LIVE.’

    Go Live.

  • We kick-start the process of launching the project upon receiving the approval from the client on the final version of the product.
  • On receiving the 100% payment, we initiate the process of code transition to the server designated by you.
  • *Project completion formalities require client’s written acceptance and sign off; along with a client feedback.

    2016 Year
    2017 Year
    We want and seek for a long lasting relationship with our clients.

    Maintenance & Support post ‘Go Live’.

  • Post the warranty period, we would be happy to enter into an Annual Maintenance Contract with our clients.
  • We will update you about the latest features and carry out the enhancements to make sure your application is future-ready.
  • You can also hire our internet marketing team for an improved exposure on web. Internet marketing will take you to your target audience and bring conversions.
  • Subsequently, User Interfaces and Written Specification start taking shape.
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